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Founded in February of 2007 by Dr. Kavita Singh, Gentle Ben’s Veterinary Clinic Ltd humbly began operating out of a station wagon doing house calls, with a dream of helping all loved pets and not so loved animals. This grew into a passion that inspired us to open a small practice in El Socorro. In that new space, we were able to perform surgeries thanks to having a separate, sterile environment.

As the number of clients increased and the demand for our services exceeded our capacity, we began hiring additional Veterinary Doctors which led to further expansion with a separate examination room. Laboratory blood work was later added to the growing list of services offered to our clientele, along with various medical diagnostic equipment, all in a bid to service our patients’ needs more effectively.

Becoming the primary care provider for an increasing number of clients over the years has caused the clinic’s staff to expand. Our vast waiting room remains in constant occupation by pets waiting to be seen and it also houses all the prescription diet and care products that we know work and which we make readily available to our clients who need them.

Our long term goal is to open a veterinary hospital and expand our services with more diagnostic tools and treatment protocols.

Our staff spends time interacting with and monitoring the pets to ensure their safety and happiness while they are with us.

A caring way every day.



We are open-minded, forward thinking, and  self -improvement oriented.


We care about the well-being of all animals and people and aim to treat them with openness, dignity and caring.


We conduct ourselves in a reliable, consistent and knowledgeable manner.


We maintain a safe and clean environment for a pleasant and comfortable experience for both animals and people.


We always do the right thing and seek to make the right decisions for the betterment of all involved.


Meet Our Team of

True Pet Lovers

Your pets deserve the finest in veterinary care!
Dr Kavita Singh
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Mr. Damian Marcano
Veterinary Assistant
Dr. Sue Ann Robertson
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Dr. Amanda Ramkissoon
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Dr. Tawana Richardson
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Ms. Kavita Pargarsingh
Amrika Sankar
Veterinary Assistant