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Semen Analysis

Evaluation of semen in the dog consists of assessment of volume, color, motility and normal morphology of a male stud’s sperm. It is often used to determine the breeding soundness of a male.



Vaginal Swab

A vaginal smear is used to determine the stage of the oestrous or heat cycle of a female dog. The vaginal cells are examined under the microscope and used in conjunction with behavioral changes such as acceptance of a male, physical changes e.g., edema of the vulva walls to determine if the female might be ovulating.



Artificial Insemination

Artificial Insemination or AI imitates the act of mating and is done by collecting semen from a male stud and introducing it into the vagina or uterus of a female who is in the most fertile phase of her oestrous cycle. It is not necessarily more successful than natural mating because it still depends on timing the best stage of ovulation during the heat cycle.



Progesterone Testing

Progesterone is a very important hormone in female reproduction. A progesterone test is the most accurate and readily available tool when looking at ovulation. Used in conjunction with vaginal smears and behavioral changes in both the male and female dogs it is quite accurate in determining when ovulation is taking place. Progesterone levels can also be used to determine parturition and cycle abnormalities.